Monday, May 23, 2016

Instant Payday Network is a SCAM

Instant Payday Network is a SCAM!

Jeff Buchanan does not keep his promises!

Don't trust this guy!

Jeff Buchanan's Instant Payday Network is a SCAM

If you were to have clicked the following link 2 years ago:

You would have gotten to this page:

This is the Instant Payday Network. Today if you click on the link:

you are taken to Jeff Buchanan's personal blog.

Jeff Buchanan is basically backstabbing his own affiliates. Instead of them making money on commissions, he is taking their traffic and sending all of it to his own personal blog.

That's great for Jeff Buchanan. But for his affiliates that's a stab in the back.

My advice is: don't trust Jeff Buchanan. If he backstabbed his own affiliates at the old Instant Payday Network, Just imagine what he will do to his new affiliates on his new personal blog?

Don't trust this guy.